Pioneer in MDF-powdercoating.

Powdercoating on MDF. An innovative finishing technique which provides  a high standing product with exceptional qualities. We control this process like no other.


  • Solvent free
  • Free of heavy metals or hazardous products
  • No additional waste products
  • Full recuperation of the superfluous powder


  • Higher scratch resistance than wet paint
  • Seamless and homogenous finishing
  • Strong and highly resistant materials
  • A high quality appearance


  • All possible shapes and edge finishing
  • Personalizing of parts: e.g. milled out logo’s
  • A wide spectrum of standard colors and customer-linked color ( see 'info' )
  • Multiple thickness ( see 'info')




Customer response

Calibeau BVBA: “When you think it’s impossible to paint. Talk to the people of Ledro, they’ll see it done.” C.K.

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Customer response

Sonja C, a purchase manager from Overpelt, writes us: “We put our standards at the highest level, very few suppliers can meet our requirements. However, Ledro has far exceeded our  expectations. This only stimulates our good relationship and...

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What can we do for you?

With MDF powder coating the designing-possibilities  are actually unlimited. Better even, you are assured of a durable and high-grade final result at a very competitive price. Moreover, powder coating is an exceptional environmentally friendly product.

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