What is the best way to maintain my powder-coated panels?

For normal maintenance you can use soft cloth wringed out in clean water, possibly added with a neutral cleanser. Immediately to be dried with a dry cloth. Do not clean the panels in full sunshine because it can cause stains. Grease stains and adhesive residues can be cleaned with a neutral cleanser.

Never use: aceton, strong alcoholic agents, acids  or alkaline solutions that contain ether, glycolether or hydrocarbon. When you are not entirely sure of the compound of a certain product, it would be best to test the product on a less visible surface.

Can I have my existing cabinet doors powder-coated?

No, powder-coating can only be applied on a special kind of MDF to succeed.

More information regarding this MDF can be found under category “Process”.

Can I deliver my own parts in MDF to be powder-coated by your company?

No, because of temperature and moisture-control of the process, we prefer to have everything made inhouse.

More information regarding this MDF can be found under category “Process”.

Does Powder-coating keep its color?

Powder-coating is like any other material subject to UV. However with powder-coating this is reduced to a minimum.

Can you powdercoat any kind of MDF or type of wood?

No, this isn’t possible. It requires a specially developed  MDF-plate. More importantly this plate is from a much higher quality level than regular mdf

More information regarding this MDF can be found under category “Process”.

Can we have entire cabinets powder-coated?

No, every part of the cabinet will be powder-coated separately and fully assembled afterwards. Each part will be hung on hooks in a line, robots with spraying guns will provide the powder. Only small constructions (max 250mm) can be powder-coated. This way we can make sure every mm² is provided with an equal amount of powder so they can properly harden in our oven. After the cooling-down the pieces can be used by our customers to use in their interior designs.


For the moment Ledro has about 25 standard colors to offer, adjusted to the latest fashion in interior design.
Custom-made colors can be created as well off course.


We offer a wide range of different models: plain doors with rectangle edges  or with possibly 3 oblique edges, doors with 4 possible groove-divisions and frame-doors plain or milled. Custom design is also a possibility.

Available thickness in MDF

To create your designs we have different thickness of special MDF in stock to be milled and powder-coated.
E.G. 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 35mm, 38mm and 50mm.


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