Ledro Powder Coating is the pioneer when it comes to MDF Powder Coating. Ever since 2003, we were the first to master this technique and from then on we achieve the best results. The benefits of powder coating were known earlier, however the application  on MDF wasn’t yet possible from the technical side. But still, technical expertise and innovative thinking on behalf of Ledro Powder coating led to invest in research to a powder- coatable MDF.

A new kind of conductible MDF was born, making MDF powder-coating become a fact.


Ecology is very important for Ledro Powder Coating.

Thanks  to 2100 solar panels we provide a large part in our own energy needs. Our buildings are even partially heated with heat we can recuperate from our ovens.

The used powder is solvent free and above all free of heavy metals and free of all harmful substances. Our recuperating systems even makes sure most of the superfluous powder is re-used. The remaining powder is fully recycled.

This way we contribute our part to the environment and reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum.

Suppliers run tests at our plant

When it comes to technical knowledge, Ledro is the pioneer who controls this difficult process like no other. Our suppliers of raw materials confirm that the quality we produce is the best on the market. Thanks to a close collaboration, we follow every evolution of this new technique in order to inform you, our customer, in the best possible way.

Developing the Ledro Test

We permanently control our process. Monitoring on a continuous basis  guarantees this.

We control and measure:

  • All incoming materials on their quality. (e.g. MDF and powder)
  • The elasticity of the primal layer: this is extremely important to exclude cracks or ruptures later on once the finishing layer is hardened.
  • The resistance of moisture infiltration, by our in-house developed test: the Ledro test
  • Only high-quality products that successfully endured the Ledro-tests will be delivered.

We highly value these tests to guarantee our quality permanently.

In-house milling

After the milling-process, our parts arrive in our conditioned waiting room until they reach the optimal moisture level. This way  we can assure you of the Ledro-quality.


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